ZenithCapital Forex Trading Conditions

Successful forex traders need a flexible forex trading environment . Our trading conditions bring transparent and open forex trading to all our account holders and offer a sophisticated suite of trading options. The table below outlines the key features of our XL, Standard and Advanced accounts.

Hedging Capability You can hedge your positions, but be aware that your account equity must meet the margin requirements to be able to close one or more of the hedged positions. Fully Hedged accounts are not immune to Stop Out. If your account equity reaches Zero level or below for any reason (Such as wide spread on news or swap deduction), your open positions will be closed automatically. Zenith has the right to close all or part of the hedged positions in order to avoid the possible risk of negative balance due to wide spreads; this may apply on Accounts maintaining big amount of hedged positions with very small equity.
Minimum Transaction Level 0.01 Lot 0.01 Lot 0.01 Lot Minimum transaction size on metals, energy and indices is 0.1 lots
Dealing Desk All trades are executed in the Inter-bank market using STP (Straight-Through-Processing)
Automated Trading You may apply your own trading strategy using any Expert Advisor on MT5
Margin Call Level 100% 100% 100% Once your account reaches a Margin Level of 100%, you will be alerted
Stop Out Level 50% 50% 50% Once your account reaches a Margin Level of 50% or below, the system will automatically close all your open positions.
Trading Platforms MetaTrader4 MetaTrader4 MetaTrader4 Zenith Meta Trader 5 & Zenith Mobile Trading
Financial Instruments 28 Currency Pairs Gold, & Silver 28 Currency Pairs Gold, & Silver 46 Currency Pairs Gold, & Silver, WS30 & NDX Please contact our support team for any additional information.
Deposit Currencies USD, EUR & GBP USD, EUR & GBP USD, EUR & GBP Currencies you may denominate your account in
Re-Quotes No Dealing Desk means No Re-Quotes
Pricing format 5 decimal pricing 5 decimal pricing 5 decimal pricing Example: 0.12345
Stop Levels 0.1 Pip 0.1 Pip 0.1 Pip 0.1 Pip away from the Market Rate, i.e. You could place Stop Loss order within the spread. For Energy and Indices.
High & Low Rates Bid Rate Bid Rate Bid Rate High & Low Rates on the Chart and Market Watch are always Bid Rates. Therefore, when you’re holding a Sell position your Stop Loss may be executed at a higher Rate than the recorded High Rate on MT5 Market Watch or Chart.
Minimum Deposit 500 USD 100 USD Over 100,000 USD Or Equivalent amount in a different currency
Minimum Withdrawal 50 USD 50 USD 50 USD For All Account Types
Leverage 1:1 – 1:200 1:1 – 1:300 1:1 – 1:200 Leverage of Gold & Silver is 1:100., Maximum leverage available for Retail Clients residing in Poland is 1:100
Commission* ZERO for deposits less than or equal $10,000 US FX: 0.75 pip a side Metals: $7.5 a side FX: 0.4 pip a side Metals. Energy & Indices: $4 a side Please note that for clients introduced by a 3rd party, an introductory fee might apply. If such fee is applied, the client will be notified by Zenith prior to enabling any trading activity on that account.
0.6 pips round turn for deposits above $10,000 US
Rollover Please refer to the Rollover page for more details.

ZenithCapital Forex Trading Hours

Our daily operation time for trading is from 17:05 to 16:55 New York Time (EST) from Sunday to Friday which is equivalent to 00:05 to 23:55 Server Time, Monday to Friday, except the 25th of December and the 1st of January. During the Day Light Saving Time our operation and server time is adjusted according to the New York time (EST).