About Forex Partnership Programs

Zenith offers a variety of partnership programs to suit every taste and budget.

Loyalty Program

The more clients that come to Zenith via your affiliate link, and the more they trade, the greater you earn as a partner! As the number of referred traders and their traded volumes reach a certain limit, we will add a mark-up (commission multiplier) on top of your standard partner’s commission rate per client or trade.

Multi-Level Forex Affiliate Program

We pay our partners for 3 levels of referred clients. Level 1: You get partner’s remuneration from trades made by clients, who came to Zenith directly through your affiliate link. Level 2: You get commission from traders, referred to Zenith by your direct affiliates. Level 3: you even get commission from traders, referred to Zenith by your “Level 2" affiliates.

Partnership Program for PAMM

We pay you commission for clients who become Masters or a Slaves within Zenith’s PAMM technology The amount of commission depends on your referral’s share in the overall balance of a PAMM account. If your client uses our PAMM technology as a Slave, a share of the Master’s remuneration will be paid to you on as well (depending on the Master’s offer conditions).

Request for Partnership